Front-End Developer


Autonomous Senior Front-End Developer seeking opportunities to accelerate the growth and success of a niche technology firm. With twenty years of experience in both small business and enterprise sectors, I am passionate about HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Principal Software Developer, President, Rustgate, Inc, Cornelius, NC - Jan 2017 - Present Developed a cloud based client engagement platform for the furniture retail industry that manages consumer engagement workflow and customer retention. Inspired by my 18 years of experience in the furniture retail industry.

  • Version 2.0 in development using React, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Node and Bootstrap.
  • Version 1 developed using AngularJS, Node, HTML5, CSS3, and Angular Material.
  • Server topology includes two app servers powered by Node, load balanced using an Nginx instance and search managed through an ElasticSearch instance. Running on Ubuntu.
  • Third Party integrations include Cloudinary, Google Firebase, Loggly, Stripe, and SendGrid.
Senior Front End Developer, CapTech Vendors, Inc, Charlotte, NC, Aug 2015 - Present

Client Engagement: Omni-Retail Solutions Provider

The client is known for their industry first, Omni-Channel software solutions tailored to large scale retailers. The client is rebuilding their product suite using modern architecture and technology stacks.

  • Advocate for UI best practices for R&D directors. Provide technical guidance for the application developers regarding HTML templates and CSS styling.
  • Designing, developing and implementing consistent product theming using CSS / SASS across their product offerings.
  • Integrating cross browser, cross device, responsive design for Angular apps and Ionic 2 apps ranging from iPod Mini to large desktop.

Client Engagement: Fortune 100 Bank in Charlotte

The client was revamping their administration platform for their retirement product line. Our team was tasked to redesign and reorganize their inventory of resources and content.

  • Developed new UIs with ADA compliance to ensure AA rating using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • jQuery used for complex interactive charts related to retirement planning.
  • Handlebars.js templating used for tooling to provide working demos of deliverables.
  • Less CSS preprocessor used for theming.

Client Engagement: Web to Print Solutions Provider

The client engaged CapTech to develop an industry ground-breaking web app enabling users to design customized, high-end cardboard packaging for mass-market distribution. This web-to-print solution sends designs directly to the custom print process in real time after the ecommerce transaction is complete.

  • Started as a support role due to project delays. For the latter two-thirds of project duration, I assumed responsibility of development. Provided support during production roll-out.
  • Built using Node, AngularJS, powered by Microsoft Azure. Used Azure rest services and BLOB storage for client project files.
  • Developed online drag and drop editor with 3D rendering support using Three.JS.
  • Developed integration into third party API to feed user CAD drawings into custom printer.

Client Engagement: ServiceNow Portal for Hotel Chain

Provided a support role for the business development team at CapTech for rapid prototyping of the Service Now portal for a prominent hotel chain.

Java JEE Developer; Delhaize America, Salisbury, NC - May 2014 - Aug 2015

Delhaize America engaged a consulting company to build out the new Built on the Adobe Experience Manager CMS, this solution allowed the marketing team to manage website content with ongoing support of the Java team.

  • Worked on component development within AEM.
  • Assumed the unofficial role of DevOps for monitoring CI, merges and packaging builds.
  • Troubleshoot integration points for RESTful and SOAP services.
  • Served as point of contact with the AEM support team for hosting and deployment.
Web Developer, Principal; Porches & Yards, Inc — 06/2002 - 05/2014

Owned and operated a retail furniture store with a strong Internet presence. Managed the day to day operations, website and internal web applications.

  • Maintained every aspect of the website including design, development, and deployments.
  • Technology stack included Apache Tomcat 7, JSP, and MySQL. Hosted on OpenSolaris *nix.
  • Prior to the Apache/MySQL/Java stack, web applications were developed in and SQL Server. Hosted on IIS.
  • Developed internal applications to support sales, which has turned into Rustgate’s products.


BS. Computer Information Systems. Appalachian State University, 2002.
Linux Administration 1. Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), 2012.
Advanced Java Programming. CPCC, 2011.
Java Enterprise Programs. CPCC, 2011.
Java Programming. CPCC, 2011.


Oracle Certified Java Associate Programmer, 2014.